Maintenance Mode


Dear Members,

Firstly let me take this opportunity to thank you all for your dedication and support of the Mo Brabus Platform.

As you read through this document it will become very clear that this is a significant update. Mo Brabus as you know it is going to change, our prority is to avoid the same fate that has met Traffic Monsoon and many other revenue share platforms out there.

A number of factors have contributed to the imminent changes and we have made the best decisions possible given the current circumstances in both Mo Brabus and the revenue share industry as a whole.

Here are the main reasons for this update and the coming changes to the Mo Brabus platform.

Group Manipulation

As you are aware we recently had to make substantial changes to the MB platform in response to aggressive manipulation by quite a number of considerably wealthy members. I can now divulge that 90% of these members were in our certain group teams.

I was confident at the time that the changes put in place would prevent any further manipulation by what I can only describe as rogue members whose only motivation was substantial quick profit to the detriment of the platform and other members.

Unfortunately, these members have bypassed the new deposit rules by spreading large deposits over multiple verified accounts to maximise the benefits of the cash back system. Unfortunately, as these deposits were not excessive, we did not see a dangerous pattern emerging until it was too late. As a result of this groups combined actions, they have managed to make some VERY substantial combined withdrawals. This has put a considerable strain on our sustainability moving forward. Over the last 3 weeks we have been using an automated payment script, which is why these withdrawals were unfortunately processed.

TPL Focus Shift

As you all know, we recently created the Traffic Power Line concept, which can only be described as the most powerful Advertising/Revenue Sharing platform ever created. We have done what no other Admins of revenue share programs have done before. No one ever tried to fix the negatives that damage a revenue sharing platform and that is why so many come and go. We have fixed the revenue share model with Traffic Powerful Line and I truly believe it will change the face of revenue sharing forever. In hindsight, I wish I had not informed the MB membership of these plans. Due to the nature of Internet Marketing & prelaunch hysteria, some members have obviously shifted focus to try and get a head start in the new business. This has partly contributed to a 75% decline in this month’s revenue.

Traffic Monsoon

I doubt that I need to tell you of the recent unfortunate developments with Traffic Monsoon and the severity of the impact on the revenue sharing industry as a whole. The shockwave from this news is being partly absorbed by Mo Brabus as one of the prominent platforms in the industry.

These issues combined have created a very dangerous situation for the Mo Brabus platform moving forward and as a direct result of this you are reading this update.

These are not the only issues affecting the longevity of the Mo Brabus Platform though, many members have distance themselves quite a bit with recent changes and this has also had a negative effect on things.

For Leaders who have been with us from inception you will know that our intentions are and have always been honourable. We are not like any other platform before us; we actually care about all of our members and the success of Mo Brabus and our future with our members.

We understand that as an online entrepreneur your motivation is to achieve a sustainable and lucrative future for yourself and your family. This is as true for us as it is for you, with this in mind, we believe that Traffic Power Line will be profitable and workable for all moving forward.

How do you save a sinking fleet?

You will notice that we said fleet and not ship; this is because the entire advertising and revenue sharing industry is in danger of sinking. The recent news of Traffic Monsoon being declared a “Ponzi” scheme has put any similar model in the line of fire over the next year.

We will not allow Mo Brabus members to drown as a result of what has now become a foregone conclusion. Traffic Power Line, although still under development is being created with legislation, compliance, profitability & sustainability at its core.

We have taken all the negatives in the revenue sharing model and fixed them to create an absolute monster. I personally call it the revenue share fix, why someone never done it before is beyond me.

You have all been given a top position in the TPL line and I assure you it will be bigger than traffic monsoon as any other platform before it. I have spent the last week speaking with leaders who have team in excess of 1,000,000 members combined. They all love the TPL platform and the mechanics behind it. IT IS GOING TO BE A HUGE SUCCESS and best of all it is 100% Legal, you know why?

Because it is not even a revenue share, not a single revenue share script in sight. We have taken the power of the revenue share model and created the most powerful self-propelling hybrid ever created.


1. Cashback is being removed and packs are being revised back to a number you would have had if cashback had never been available.
2. Virtual referrals are being removed.
3. Qualifications requirements are being removed.
4. Everyone will earn the same revenue share and it will be based on current circumstances.
5. There is now one withdrawal per week.
6. You cannot deposit more than $1,000 per week.

Now you can choose to Complain and get annoyed about this or you can respect the following.

1. We have not closed down the platform and ran away.
2. We have given you an alternative that is designed to last
3. We have been honest and transparent with you from the start.

You can either build the position available to you in TPL or you can lose money it is your call. If you want my advice you should build the TPL position, but it is entirely up to you.

I will not apologise for anything because we have acted with honesty transparency and done our absolute best with MB and will continue to do so but we cannot control external events and their impact on the platform.

MB will be back up in 5 days with the new changes put in place.

Word of advice: TPL is the future, embrace it!

Kind Regards Admin